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John Proctor

  • Strong character
  • Moody
  • has constant guilt about affair with Abigail (6-7 months before)
  • Relationship with wife distant and awkward -mixed feelings, loves her but wishes she'd stop being cold with him
  • Cold and hostile atmosphere at his house.
  • High status at star, low status at end of play
  • Doesn't like Parris
  • Does not believe in witch craf
  • Beginning of the play he is confident and fierce, by the end he looses dignity and confessed

How he should act

  • Bitter towards Abigail
  • Frustrated with Elizabeth
  • Gruff, Strong, hard voice
  • At beginning of play he walks upright, at end he bows his head in shame with sad eyes
  • Threatening gestures
  • Stern expression on face

The mistake he made, having an affair with Abigail,is what causes the whole drama with witchcraft, and this eventually kills him.

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