Drama and Prose


The Importance of Being Earnest

Child Exploitation 

"I know perfectly well that I look quite plain after my German lesson" - Cecily has the opportunity to learn, as she is upper class, but does not appreciate her priviledge 

Poverty and Illness

"it is high time Mr Bunbury made up his mind whether he was going to live or die"


"the home seems to me to be the proper sphere for a man" - Gwendolen

Religion / Marriage

Dr Chausuble is "hanging off her [Miss Prisms] lips"

"in married life 3 is company and 2 is none"

"not in favour" of long engagements bcause they give "you the chance to get to know each other 

"divorces are made in heaven"

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The Murder of Maria Martin (The Red Barn)


"I must not appear too anxious for fear that Mr Corder think me a forward girl"

Illegitimate Children

"walk erect and look my fellow creatures in the face, without the blush of shame mantling my cheeks"

Status in Society

"but whatever would folks say to see Maria Marten, the molecatcher's daughter, in company with the son of rich Mr Corder?"

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Child Exploitation / Industrialisation / Working Conditions

"those children we saw yesterday without shoes"

 "railways are to be the lifeblood, the arteries of this country"

"a weaver, lost his hand to the loom"


"Bertha flings herself to the ground"

Games / War

"lead the great army into the bay"


"women must be kept safe and be ready to nurse us"

picks up sewing

"he had an affair with the mistress of the house... talking of her husband and her honour"

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Wuthering Heights


"the bird was not shot... Heathcliff set a trap over it"

"a little dog, shaking its paw and yelping... that was their pleasure!"

Madness / Illness

"Don't you see that face? Oh Nelly, the room is haunted!"

"a stout, hearty lass like Catherine does not fall ill for a trifle"

Child Exploitation

"deprived him of the instructions of the curate" STRUCTURE-  Heathcliff and then Hareton

"bring that gypsy brat into the house... not a soul knew to whom it belonged"


"drag him down and crush him into atoms"

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