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Reality and appereance (H)

"Our dear brother's death"-  pretends to be upset over S. Hamlet's death but is the one to have killed him (the King)

"The serpant that did string thy father's life now wears his crown"- it is revealed here that Claudius killed his brother for the throne (Ghost)

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't"- it is suspected by Polonius that Hamlet may be pretending to be depressed as he will then be excused with anything wrong he says (Polonius)

"Repeat me and my cause right"- Hamlet wants everyone to know what really happened at the end of the book as he doesn't want his madness to be the blame for it (Hamlet)

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Revenge (H)

"Tormenting flames must render up myself"- Hamlet must get revenge so his father can rest peacefully (Ghost)

"No, not I; I never gave you aught"- His obsession with getting revenge has put a strain on his realtionship with Orphelia, might be pushing her away to keep her safe (Hamlet)

"Is it the King?"- The desire to gain revenge has made him cold and heartless, he shows no emotion after killing Polonius, simply responding with this quote(Hamlet)

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Justice (H)

"Now wears his crown"- At the top of the court, the king is corrupt, therefore justice doesn't exist as punishment isn't being made to criminals like the king(Ghost)

"Repeat me and my cause aright"- Shows fear of lies being told about what really happened, that even in death, the King won't receive the punishment he truly deserves (Hamlet)

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Good vs evil (H)

"visit her face too roughly"- describes his father as being very gentle and loving, especially towards Gertrude (Hamlet)

"remorseless, treachous, lecherous, kindless villian"- his uncle is the opposite of his father; evil, careless and seeks power, not love (Hamlet)

"Young Fartinbras, with conquestcome from Poland"- much like the King, Osric is power hungry, changes loyalities easily, constantly wants to be at the powerful side, not the weak (Osric)

"I am more an antique Roman than a Dane"- is humble, loyal and kind, cares about Hamlet, not power, wants to sacrifice himself to join Hamlet in death (Horatio)

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Personal vs public (H)

"our dear brother's death"- (PUBLIC) says our to create a false sense of equality between him and his subjects,trying to create a bond. Dear is him pretending to care about S. Hamlet (the King)

"the serpant that did sting"- (PERSONAL) The King killed his brother. (Ghost)

"good mother"- (PUBLIC) while said sarcastically, Hamlet is trying to ensure the public assume his relationship with his mother is good (Hamlet)

"Madam"- (PERSONAL) doesn't say mum/mother to her, makes their relationship feel more formal than it should do (Hamlet)

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Hypocrisy (H)

"our dear brother's death"- pretends to care for S.Hamlet; he's the one who killed him (Claudius)

"I do know when the blood burns"- warning Orphelia against pre-marital sex when he clearly experienced it himself (Polonius)

"recks not his own rede"- is aware her brother won't follow the rules he set out for her as he was warning her against the same thing as their father (Orphelia on her brother, Laertes)

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Reality and appereance (TRT)

"[she kisses him]"-  they must pretend to have a mother/son relationship when really they are in love/in lust 

"[Enter Vindice her brother, disguised]"- appears as a pander trying to lure his own sister into having pre-marital sex, she doesn't know it's her own brother 

"I speak it for the best to have them die"- Supervacuo and Ambitioso pretend to care for Lussurioso but want him dead for his title (Supervacuo)

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Revenge (TRT)

"Vindice murdered thee, murdered thy father and I am he"- need for revenge has made him heartless and cold, he is boasting over the people he's murdered as though he is proud (VINDICE)
"I'll begin with her banishment"- Lussurioso's revenge for the Duchess for her adultery is her banishment (LUSSURIOSO)

"my love's true begot"- as revenge on the Duke for not allowing her ****** son off with mercy, she decides to have a physical/ sexual relationship with the Duke's ******* son, Spurio (THE DUCHESS)

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Justice (TRT)

"I'll begin dukedom with her banishment"- as cheating is an immoral thing to do, Lussurioso feels the Duchess deserves to be punished for what she's done(LUSSURIOSO)

"I cannot brook [dies]"- this is the justice Vindice has been seeking for many years, he believes the Duke deserves to die for what he's done.(THE DUKE)

"to behead your brother"- while his brothers didn't intend to have Spurio killed, karma led to his death for his crime and his careless attitude towards it(OFFICER)

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Good vs evil (TRT)

"my poisoned love"/ "I am he"-  Vindice believes he is good trying to right all of the evil the king has done but after his initial revenge, he wants more and becomes corrupt (VINDICE)

"my honour shall have a rich name"- she is the only one truly good and pure in this play, she will not sell her honour (CASTIZA)/ "my love's true-begot"- is willing to cheat on her husband to gain revenge as she is angry at him (THE DUCHESS)

"do it again"- is evil, doesn't care about the harm he's caused, claims he'd **** her again (JUNIOR BROTHER)/ "those tragic bodies"- is good, is the equalavent of Fartinbras in this play, is the hope of Italy getting bettwe(ANTONIO)

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Personal vs public (TRT)

"[they pretend to weep]"- in front of the officer, they pretend to be heartbroken over their brother's death (SUPERVACUO AND AMBITIOSO)/ "oh, happy opportunity"- in reality, they are very happy over his death (EITHER SUPERVACUO OR AMBITIOSO)

"you may thank my policy for that"- the cracks of their relationship is clear at various parts of the play, this extract being one (SUPERVACUO OR AMIBITIOSO)/ "brother, thou liest [stabs Supervacuo]"- here it becomes clear that they didn't care for each other, only wanted power (AMIBITIOSO)

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Hypocrisy (TRT)

"[kisses the skull]"/ "oh, kill me not with that sight"- is a hypocrite as he doesn't want to witness his wife's adultery when he's cheated her on multiple times (BOTH ARE SPOKEN BY THE DUKE)

"I am thee"- Vindice shares similarities with the Duke as he becomes as heartless as him (VINDICE)

"my poisoned love"/ "murder thy father, murder thee"- wants revenge on the Duke for murdering his lover, but is planning on murdering the Duke and murders Lussurioso without flinching (VINDICE)

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