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Actor Generated Sound

In order to comunicate that the officials are trying to cover up the fact they are corrupt;

  • I would have them all harrumphing comically clearing their throats audibly in a self important manner.

To create a sense of urgency and panic among the officials;

  • I would have them whisper words such as "shh" and "Get off" as they fight for a good vantage point.

To create the sense of a crowd of angry petitioners and abused shop keepers;

  • I would have the actors offstage chanting "Who do we hate? The Mayor!" and etc.

To demonstrate that the servants are poorly treated by their masters;

  • I would have the servants enter stage moaning with a heavy suitcase.
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Music or Recorded Sound

In order to establish the drab, dreary and inhospitable conditions for the servants;

  • I would have the recorded sound of a lone violin playing a sombre tune. The violin would stop on the line "****, it's him!".

In order to convey that the Mayor is desperate to make a good impression for Khlestakov;

  • I would have him distract Khlestakov from the Policeman coliding. Classical music will play softly in the background but will stop when Khlestakov accidently steps back.
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