Dracula summary of chapters


Chapter One

  • Harker travels to Transylvania 
  • Landlady warns him
  • The country is beautifuly described 
  • The atmosphere changes when they get nearer to the castle
  • Pathetic Fallacy
  • Wolves come to Harker, he panics, driver comes back
  • Draculas castle not on the map
  • Towns people act peculiar
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chapter two

  • Harker and Dracula meet 
  • Harker has supper
  • Harker finds the library and sees all english books
  • Drac warns him about exploring
  • Harker talks about Dracs new house
  • Atlas had circles around Exeter and Whitby
  • Harker cuts himself shaving and Drac grabs his throat
  • Harker realises he is a prisoner as the doors are locked

Descriptions of Draulas character- hint of vampire

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Chapter three

  • Harker feels like a prisoner
  • Harker realises theres no servents
  • Drac must have been the driver
  • Drac tells him to stay for another month
  • They write letters
  • Harker sees Drac crawling out the castle window
  • Harker explores, finds an unlocked room and sleeps there
  • Three vampire women occur and introduced
  • The scene where three vampires seduce Harker but have other intentions
  • Drac stops them and tells them off
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Chapter 4 (IV)

  • Harker woke in his room, thought was a dream, finds it wasnt by evidance of his clothes
  • Drac asks Harker to write three letters 
  • One saying that Harkers work here was nearly done
  • Another thats dated the next morning of the first one 
  • Third that he had left the castle and arrived at Bistritz
  • Drac said the post was few and uncertain and so best to write them now to ease minds of friends
  • First letter dated : June 12th
  • Second: June 19th 
  • Third: June 29th
  • Harker thinks thats how long he has to live
  • Harker write his own letters to Mina, Mr Hawkins, throws them to the Szgany (gypsies)
  • They give them to Drac and he tells Harker and burns letter to Mina
  • Gives another envolope for Hawkins letter as he opened it
  • Leaves and locks Harkers door
  • Harker woke and found all of his papers and clothes that he arrived in were gone
  • The Szgany delivered boxes to the Slovaks in the castle
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Chapter 4 (iv) part 2

  • Harker saw Dracula leave via the window again but dresses in Harkers stolen suit 
  • Harker concludes that Drac wants to make people think Harker has been out castle and seen by others
  • Harker hears a wail coming from Dracs room- then silance
  • But his room is still locked
  • Harker looked out window to see a woman banging on the door to castle demnding for her baby back
  • He heard Drac whisper and then a pack of wolves suuronded the woman
  • They went away licking their lips
  • Harker realises hes never seen Drac in daylight
  • Harker copys Drac and climbs out window and then into Dracs room 
  • Found another door which led to runied chapel
  • Harker finds Drac and the coffin and goes back to his own room
  • Harker sees Drac escaping from window again in his clothes
  • Dracula says tommorrow theyll part, Harker returning to England but Drac will not be there tomorrow
  • Harker asks why cant go tonight, Drac says coachmen is on a mission
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Chpater 4 (IV) part 3

  • Drac goes to let Harker out but summins the wolves
  • Harker knows he will die if he faces the wolves so says he will wait till morning
  • Harker overheard Dracula talking to peopel (three vampires) that tommorow night is the night
  • He opened the door to see the women laugh and run away
  • Morning came and Harker tried to open front door but it was locked
  • He went back to the coffins, wanting to find the key, saw Count looking younger then before
  • Harker couldnt find the key and then got a shovel and hit Drac 
  • Drac opened eyes 
  • Harker ran and waited for Drac to open the door hoping to escape but he was too fast
  • Harker locked in again 
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Chapter 5 (V) letters

  • Mina writes letter to Lucy about keeping up with Harker and studys and life when theyre married. She will keep a diary too
  • Discusses the few lines that Harker has sent her and that she misses him and she has heard rumours about Lucy
  • Lucy replied: talks about mr holmwood, Dr seward, Confesses her love for Arthur 
  • Lucy again: Had 3 propsals in one day, hyperbolic, describes Seward- then Quincyy P.Morris
  • Why cant a girl marry three men etc
  • Lucy tells the other men that she likes someone else
  • As she told Morris, he asked for a kiss and so she gave him one
  • Dr.Sewards diary entry:Talks about Renfield
  • Letter to Arthur from Morris: invites him to a bonfire, and Seward is going to be there too
  • Telegram from Arthur- he will be there and he has news
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Chapter 6 (VI)

  • Minas journal: Her and Lucy are in Whitby 
  • Description of Whitby, Whitby Abby and the graveyard, town, harbour
  • Graveyard by the church is her favourite spot, looking over harbour
  • She meets an old man and asks about the White Lady, he speaks with slang and then leaves
  • Whitby steps described
  • 25th July- her and Lucy went back there and spoke to the man again 
  • The man is called Mr Swales
  • They all talk about tombstones 
  • Mr Swales leaves, so Mina and Lucy talk about Lucy and Arthurs upcoming marriage
  • Mina hasnt heard from Harker for a month
  • Dr Sewards diary entry: Renfield loves animals, he catched flies. 18th June- he now collects spiders in a box feeding them the flies.
  • 1st July- Seward tells him to get ride of the spiders and he thinks that he will eat them. Renfield keeps a note book.
  • 8th July- Renfield has got a sparrow and has half tamed it, he still ha some spiders and attracts flies with his food.
  • 19th July- He has a lots of sparrows and he asked for a kitten to play with and feed.
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Chapter 6 (VI) PART 2

  • Seward refuses Renfield the cat, checks on him next morning to find the birds gone but feathers remained
  • Renfield said they flew away. Attended told Seward that Renfield had been sick with feathers and he thinks he ate the birds raw.
  • Seward creates new classification for him called zoophagous (life-eating) maniac
  • Flied to spider, spider to bird and wanted the cat so it would eat the bird
  • Minas journal: Not heard from Harker for a while, the Mr Hawkins sent her the letter from him- it said he was starting for hime
  • Lucy started sleepwalking, so she locks the door of their room at night
  • Lucy is to be married in the autumn, Arthur visiting his ill dad.
  • 27th July- no news from Harker
  • 3rd August- still no news from Harker. She talks to Mr Swales
  • Mina then talks to the coast guard who spots a strange ship- thinks its Russian
  • Theres a storm coming
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Chapter 7 (VII)

  • Cutting from the daily newspaper: one of the greatest storms they've had. Describes the following days weather and then that evening
  • Around midnight the tempest broke, the waves were in a fury
  • All the boats reached saftey in the port
  • Pathetic fallacy
  • The ship crashed a shore and a dog came running out 
  • A "seaman" was dead attached to the wheel, he held a crucefix
  • The man was dead for at least 2 days
  • In his pocket was a bottle, inside was the addebdum to the log
  • The ship is called the Demeter and from Varna
  • Cargo is wooden boxes filles with mould
  • The log book contained the facts of the missing men 
  • Log of the Demeter: 6th July is the first date and by the 16th July the first crew member goes missing
  • 17th July, one of the men saw a tall, thin man who wasnt like any of the crew
  • Pathetic fallacy of fog and storm
  • 3rd August- 'mad man' sailor threw himself overbored
  • 4th August captain sees the tall thin man, but stays with the ship beacuse he is captain. 
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Chapter 7 (VII) part 2

  • Captain ties his hands to the wheel
  • Minas journal: Lucy and her attended the captains funeral
  • Lucy is still restless in her sleep
  • Mr Swales found dead where they use to sit and chat in the graveyard- his neck broken
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Chapter 8 (VIII)

  • Minas journal: her and Lucy had tea in an inn by Robin Hoods Bay
  • First mention of "new women"
  • Go home and Lucy goes to sleep- she has more colour in her cheeks the usual
  • More talk of the new women 
  • 11th August, Mina wakes and Lucy is gone. It was 1am and she found Lucy sitting on bench on the east cliff
  • Desciption of night, moon- pathetic fallacy
  • Mina saw something dark stood and bent over before Lucy- she couldnt tell if it was a man or beast
  • She got closer adn undoubtedly saw a long black figure, with white face and red beaming eyes
  • When Mina got to Lucy she was asleep but breathing in long heavy gasps
  • She put her hadn up to her throat and moaned
  • Later that day Lucy woke and looked a lot better, Mina notices the skin on her neck is pierced- thinks it was her saftey pin...
  • Next night she slept walked again
  • 13th August, Mina got up with Lucy and looked out window to see moonlight and a bat 
  • Next day Lucy said to herself "his red eyes again! They are just the same."
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Chapter 8 (VIII) part 2

  • Lucy and Mina see a dark figure sat alone, seemes like he had eyes like burning flames
  • 15th August- Lucy was languid and tired 
  • Lucys mom tells Mina that she will soon die, as her heart is weakening- any shock will kill her
  • 17th August- Lucy grows weak, more languid every day and less rosey cheeks, at night she gasps as if for air
  • The wounds on her neck have gotten bigger
  • Letter from solicitors: about a house
  • Minas journal: 18th August Lucy slept well
  • 18th August: Mina hears from Harker- he's been ill. She is to join him and Mr Hawkins said they should marry out there
  • Letter from sister Agatha: Harker has been there for nearly 6 weeks suffering from violent brain fever, all his work is completed and he sends his love
  • The letter continues but not on behalf of Harker: Agatha talks about his ravings of wolves, poison and blood, ghosts, demons. 
  • Sewards diary: Renfield is excitable but refused to talk to the attendent saying "the master is at hand"
  • Attendent thinks its some for of religouse mania
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Chapter 8 (VIII) part 3

  • In the night Renfield had escaped, Seward and attendants followed, lead to a high wall to a deserted house
  • He followed him into the grounds of Carfax and found Renfield pressed against the door of a chapel
  • Renfield was saying "I am here to do your bidding, Master. I am your slave and you will reward me, for I shall be faithful. I have worshipped you long and afar off. Now that you are near I await your commands and You will not pass by me, will You, dear Master, in your distribution of good things"
  • They capture him and chain him to a wall in a padded room
  • Renfield then spoke: "I shall be patient Master. It is coming- coming- coming!"
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Chapter 9 (IX)

  • Letter from Mina to Lucy: Referances her travels, descibed Harker as "thin and pale", talks about Sister Agatha, she told Mina she didnt need to worry about there being any other women involved
  • Harker gives Mina his dirary, says it hold the secret, but she mustn't open it
  • Harker and Mina get married
  • Mina gave Harker his journal wrapped in ribbion with a seal on it to be a symbol of trust for their marriage and she would never open it unless for his own sake
  • Lucy letter to Mina: hyperbolic, she has a full apetite, sleeps well, her and Arthur to be married on 28th September
  • Dr Sewards diary: Renfield is back in normal room, but he goes violent all day and then quiet when the moon rises to sunrise. Seward is going to help him escape to see what happens
  • He escaped again and was found at the chapel, again- he became furiouse and wouldve killed Seward
  • A bat apperaed and he calmed down 
  • Lucys diary: she copys Mina and writes things down, she isnt doing well, wanted to sleep in her mothers room
  • She woke in the night to hear scratching/flapping and fell back asleep
  • More bad dreams, is weaker, pale, throat hurts
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Chapter 9 (IX) part 2

  • Letter Arthur to Seward: Lucy is ill, asks him to come and see her but recognises that it would be painful for him but still demands it
  • Telegram Arthur to Seward: He has to see his father who has worsened
  • Letter Seward to Arthur: he dosnt know whats wrong but her apperance is bad. Lucy pretends to be happy but when alone is sad. She was bloodless and had anemic signs. 
  • Tested her blood which was normal, comes to conclusion its mental
  • Seward has written to Van Helsing who knows about obscure diseases, asked him to come 
  • Describes Van Helsing (pg 122)
  • Letter from Helsing to Seward: He is on his way, returning favour of when Seward saved his life from sucking the poison out of a wound
  • Letter Seward to Arthur: Helsing visited, is concerned but needs to think
  • There has been blood loss, not anaemic
  • Dr Sewards diary: Renfield was violent again, he calmed down and caught flied then ate them
  • He restarted the flie and spider thing
  • Confessed that "He has deserted me. No hope for me now, unless I do it myself"
  • Renfield throws box away and stops collecting flies
  • Telegrams between Seward and Helsing: patient is better, colour coming back. Then patient turned for worse
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Chapter 10 (X)

  • Letter Seward to Arthur: Lucy is worse, but her mother now knows about Helsing etc
  • Dr Sewards diary: Talk about madmen between him and Helsing
  • Helsing looked graive when told of Lucys symptoms
  • Description of Lucy (pg130)
  • Helsing says she will die, needs blood transfusion
  • Seward voulnteers but Arthur comes back and he does it 
  • Lucy looks stronger with the blood transfusion 
  • Seward looks at Lucys puncture wounds on her neck 
  • Helsing orders Seward to watch her during the night, he goes to get books etc
  • Sewards Diary continued: Lucy woke up
  • Lucy dosnt want to sleep, explains it to Seward, but he says its fine as he watches over her
  • Lucy was more than fine the next day
  • Lucys diary: She dosnt fear to sleep and feels close to Arhur
  • Sewards diary: 10th September; Lucy looked awful, pale etc
  • Performs another blood transfusion with Seward
  • Helsing warns him not to tell any one else will envoke jelousy from Arthur
  • Helsing hung garlic around her room and sealed all the windows shut upstairs
  • Seward questions if Helsing is a skeptic
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Chapter 11 (XI)

  • Lucys diary: Likes Helsing etc
  • Sewards Diary: Lucys mom opened her widow last night. Lucy looked worse again 
  • Helsing provided the blood for the transfusion
  • Lucys diary: She sleeps well, dosnt mind the garlic and no longer scares but still hears a "bat or something" flap at the window
  • Pall Mall Magazine: wolf has escaped but then it retuned back to zoo on its own
  • Sewards Diary:Renfield rushed in Sewards office with a dinner knife, he cut Sewards wrist severely. Renfield licked up the blood that was on the floow from Seward
  • " the blood is life, the blood is life"
  • Helsing sent telegram to Seward, that he should be with Lucy, but it was delivered late
  • Sewards Diary: He visited her the next day 
  • Memorandum Left By Lucy: an exact record of what took place that night. she felt weak again,she woke up to flapping by window, she called for people, but no one there, heard a howl from outside but she could see nothing but bat by window
  • Lucys mom checked on her and stayed with her 
  • Flapping occured again and a howl then crash at window beacuse a wolf had broken in
  • Mom died, Lucy in a transe and heard a nighting gale, thinking it was her mother
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Chapter 12 (XII)

  • Sewards Diary: Him and Helsing broke into Lucys house
  • They find Lucy and her mother in bed. Lucy is in shock, the wounds in her neck got bigger/worse
  • They bathed Lucy, heat coming back to her but still unconcouse. 
  • Qunicy Morris delivers Arthurs telegram and then he provide the blood for the tranfusion
  • Helsing and Seward find Lucys note about the nights events
  • 19th September: Lucy lookes sronger when alseep, breathing softer, gums drawn back -first hint of vamperism (description pg 164)
  • Arthur comes back and helps watch over Lucy
  • Letter to Lucy from Mina (unopened): Says she misses Lucy, tells of her evening with Harker and Hawkins
  • Asks about Lucys mother (irony), tells that Harker is getting better, enquires when the wedding is
  • Letter from Patrick Hennessy to Seward: report on Renfield: he verbely abused a man, accused him of stealing and he wanted to murder him. He then broke out through his window and attacked one of the men with the cart, nearly killing him
  • Letter to Lucy from Mina (unopened): Mr Hawkins is dead, suddenly. Harker stressed. Plan to come to London soon.
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Chapter 12 (XII) Part 2

  • Sewards Diary: Description of Lucy- hint of vamperism (pg 170)
  • Helsing comforts Seward
  • Lucys neck wounds disapperaed, Helsing says shes near death- fetched Arthur to say bye
  • Lucy woke up, Art tried to kiss her, Helsing said no. 
  • Lucy asks to be kissed- seductivly pg 172
  • Helsing declares her dead
  • Lucy obtains some beauty in death etc
  • Helsing declares not the end but the beginning.
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Chapter 13 (XIII)

  • Sewards Diary: he handles funeral, shes to be burried with mom
  • Funeral woman compliments the beauty of her corpse
  • Helsing placed garlic and crucefix on Lucys body
  • Helsing tells Seward his plan to cut off her head and take out her heart, identifys that Seward loved her and so he shall opperate and Seward just help
  • Seward disagrees, dosnt see why
  • Helsing: Things you dont know and I do, you will soon know too. Asks questions and then aswers them himself, emphisesing why Seward should trust him.
  • Uses enderring vocatives such as "friend"
  • Next day Helsing says he wont do it as its "too late- or too early"
  • Arthur=Lord Godalming
  • Description of Arthurs saddness pg 179
  • Arthur questions her death beacuse of Lucys appearence
  • Arthur dosnt want to be called Lord, loss is too recent
  • Helsing asks Arthur if he can read Lucys letters- he agrees
  • Minas journal: talks about womens edequate, Harker is panicked, he described a man like Drac
  • Identifys the count but he is younger, Mina decides its time to read Harkers journal
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Chapter 13 (XIII) Part 2

  • Mina recives telegram from Helsing saying Lucy and her mother are dead
  • Mina pitys Arthur and expreses saddness
  • Sewards Diary: At funeral Arthur says teh blood transfusion made him feel like he did marry Lucy, the others kept quiet 
  • Helsing breaks down and crys in the carriage then jokes about the situation pg 187
  • The Westminster Gazette, 25 September: A Hampstead mystery: Children are missing and they named the person the "bloofer lady". Alll children retuned with wounds in the throat
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Chapter 14 (XIV)

  • Minas journal: She read Harkers journal, worried about the events that happened
  • Letter to Mina from Helsing: says hes read Lucys letters, wishes to see Mina, he knows that Harker has suffered
  • Mina allows him to visit
  • Mina journal: After Helsing visited, she believes Harkers journal to be true.
  • Description of Helsing pg 194
  • She gives her diary to Helsing to read and then gives Harkers diary for him to read
  • Letter Helsing to Mina: he belives Harker and what he wrote is true
  • Harkers journal: Mina told him everything Helsing had said, he feels like new man.
  • Sewards Diary: Helsing gave him the paper about the bloofer lady and recalled the similaritys to Lucys wound.
  • Helsing wants Seward to believe, believe in things that you cannot
  • Helsing declares to Seward that Lucy made the holes in the childrens necks
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Chapter 15 (XV)

  • Sewards diary:Helsing wants to see the child in hopsital, spend night at church yard where Lucy is burried
  • See child, neck wounds are same.
  • Unlocked Lucys tomb, discription of it pg 210
  • Opened coffin , it was empty
  • Helsing never suprised by any of it, Seward is.
  • They stake out to see her, Seward sees a white streak, Helsing finds wounded child
  • They visit her tomb the next day, Lucy is there but looks different description pg 213
  • Helsing explains what happened to Lucy, bitten by vampire etc to Seward
  • Hesling wants to kill her- cut head off, fill mouth wi th garlic,and drive stake through her body
  • Plans on telling Arthur and Qunicy Morris, then revisting Lucy next night
  • Note from Helsing to Seward- instructions if anything were to happen to him = left in hotel room
  • Sewards diary: Arthur is told of the plan, very upset, some mention of God. Becomes hysterical
  • "may I cut the head of dead Miss Lucy?" -- "Heavens and Earth no!"=Arthur
  • Arthur more hysterical, against it, has a "duty" pg220
  • Hesling confesses he have her blood
  • Arthur agrees to go with them
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Chapter 16 (XVI)

  • They all go back to the coffin, find it empyt.
  • Quincy asks if this was Helsings doing, Hesling explained everything about previouse nights
  • They see Lucy feeding on a child, description Lucy pg 225
  • Seward at moment he saw her, agreed she needed to be killed, love turned to hate
  • She summons Arthur, imperativly- he was under her spell
  • Helsing intervined with crucefix, she recoiled
  • Descrition of Lucy as vampire pg226
  • Arthur agrees to let Helsing kill her, he will do it next night
  • They retuned to her coffin, Lucy was in it, all had grown to hate the "Thing" that took over her
  • Helsing took all his equipment out; operating knives, wooden stake, hammer, lamp
  • Hesling gives speech about the history of vamperism and what happend etc pg 229
  • Arthur staked Lucy
  • She died... again
  • Arthur forgives Helsing and gave Lucy a last kiss
  • Hesling proposes they find the "author" of the evil. aka Dracula, and kill him
  • They all agree
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