Dominic Dromgoole Measure for Measure Adaptation (AO5)

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Key Points

- 1920s jazz music plays when comedy characters enter - almost like a theme tune. 

- branding of prostitutes shows Angelo's new brutal regime in effect. Also shown by the arresting of prostitutes at random intervals throughout the play.

-  during Isabella and Angelo's argument ('with an outstretched throat'...) Isabella delivers lines whilst Angelo is on the ground - empowerment of women. 

- when Angelo counters this with 'who will believe thee, Isabel?' he physically rises

- during this exchange Angelo forces Isabella to the floor and raises her dress - makes his intentions clear making him even more hateable. Links with 'Me Too' movement. 

- Angelo doesn't take Mariana's hand when forced to marry her at the end of the play. 

- through stage directions it is implied that Isabella is going to marry the Duke (extends her hand to him).

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