Bloody Mary

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Does Mary deserve the title Bloody Mary?

- Before any punishment, 800 protestants exciled England under the reign of Mary

- December 1554, heresy laws were reintroduced in England, trials and executions of those who refused to accept Catholic beliefes began

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How effective were the burnings?

- People were identified through heresy commissions, led to visitations by bishops to identify heretics

- Tried by bishops, life was spared if you showed remorse and promised to change your views

- BUT, if you did not show remorse, you were condemned to death by flames

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Did the burnings work?

- Administrative problems, some executions had to be followed up and questions were asked as to why they hadn't taken place

- 280 heretics burnt at the stake in 46 months, 51 women, 5 bishops

- Smithfield, Canterbury, Colchester and Oxford were common burning sites

- Cranmer burnt at the stake, March 1556

- Gardiner's death led to mnore burnings; Gardiner was initially restraining from burnings

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