Do NDEs provide reasonable grounds for belief in the afterlife?

Explanations for the many characteristics of NDEs, and whether they constitute the need of an afterlife or can be explained away scientifically.

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"The tunnel of light",seeing God,

Poeple feel like they are leaving earth and entering a new realm.

For: It could be the soul travelling to a new place, reletives are seen and spoken to

Against: NDEs happen to people who think they are dying, but aren't.

It has been speculated that the brain tries to come to terms with the process of death. The cells in the eyes flood to the centre when they are dying, creating a tunnel like vision.

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Out of Body Experiences

People on the operating table have been known to hear conversations while they have been under aneasthetic. Surely this is impossible? They have seen surgical procedures they could not have known about.

They could be lying, or in another state of consciousness.

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People feel very happy, as if they have forgotten the world. The feel a "unity" with the universe and at peace.

This could be a rush of endorphines, triggered by shock.

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You cannot experience anything without brain activity, when you are dead.

Do we need our brain afterall?

If we experience beyond death, there must be a life beyond death.

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