DNA profile analysis


DNA Profile Analysis

Short sequences of DNA are repeated in a head to tail sequence at specific points in the human genome.

Tandem repeats - variable number 

If found in one place= single locus

When profile froms VNTR locus from unrelated individuals are compared they are normally different

4-6 different loci are analysed when DNA profiles are used for forensic purposes

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DNA fingerprint analysis

The restriction fragment length polymorph method characterises DNA sequences

DNA fragments are separated by electrophoresis and blotted onto filter

A radioactive, gene specific gene into a DNA fragment

DNA extraction- can be extracted from any human tissue

Anticipated benefits of genetic research

Molecular medicine

Microbial genomics

DNA identification

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Molecular Medicine and Microbial Genomics

Improve diagnosis

detect genetic predispositions

design 'custom drugs'

Microbial Genomes

Develop new energy sources

Protection from chemical warfare

Clean up toxic waste

Evolution and Human Migration

Study Evolution

Compare break points

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DNA identification

Identify suspects at crime scenes

Establish Paternity

Detect bacteria

Match organ Donors

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