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Leah - Character card


  • Needy, dependant
  • Repeats herself a lot of the time - trying to convince herself
  • Adores Phil and depends on him but he ignore her 
  • Tries to get attention
  • Knows right from wrong
  • Bottom of the gang heirachy 
  • Tries all sorts of attempts to get Phil's attention
  • Almost trapped in the gang
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Phil - Character card


  • Leader of the gang
  • Ignores Leah - makes audience think he is heartless
  • Only speaks when he has too
  • Very clever, can think on the spot
  • Strong, tells people what to do
  • Respected
  • All the way through he ignores Leah making audience think he doesn't like her but when she leaves he misses her - suggests hidden feelings
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Cathy - Character card


  • 'deputy leader' of gang
  • Abuses her power near the end when she becomes leader
  • Violent
  • Phsyco-ish
  • Thinks violence is the answer
  • Clever, sharp, quick
  • Manipulative, cruel
  • Powerful
  • Foil to Leah - Leah is good, honest and true and Cathy is the opposite
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Brian - Character card


  • Small part
  • Vulnerable, looks up to Cathy
  • Push-over
  • Goes crazy in the end
  • Used as a bit of a dogsbody
  • Dumb, people tease him
  • Cries a lot, people threaten him
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Adam - Character card


  • Got pushed down the cage
  • Everyone thought he was dead
  • He wasn't, lived off the earth
  • Goes crazy
  • Gang keep him quiet
  • Doesn't know what is going on and doesn't feature until last few scenes
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Other gang members - Character card

Other gang members

  • Do whatever they're told
  • Live up to conventional gang
  • Can't really distinguish right from wrong
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