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Blueprint - deoxyribose nucleic - protein synthsized acid

double helix containing sugar, phosphates, nitrogenous bases

Sugar and phosphoric acid molecules are always the same and provide structure

Bases of DNA

Adenine ------ Thymine

Guanine ------ Cytosine

Bases of RNA

Adenine ----- Uracil

Guanine ---- Cytosine

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Transcriptional modification

Introns are excised from the RNA transcript and the remaining exons are spliced together producing mRNA

Transport of RNA to cytoplasm

mRNA is transported out of the nucleus, in the cytoplasm ribosomal subunits bond to mRNA

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Single Nucleotide Polymorphin

single base change in a sequence

genome of each individual contains unique patterns

people can be grouped based on the SNP profile

correleations might emerge between certain SNP profiles and specific

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