Key terms for Divorce

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Issues that make people divorce


Couples who married younger are more likely to divorce

Social Class

The couples class can lead to divorce,especially the husbands

Their Familys Marital Status

Children whose family divorced are more likely to divorce themselves

Other factors

Mismatched Couples, Remarriages






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Reasons for Divorce and High Divorce Rates


Rise of Feminism

Looking for ideal partner

None of this would matter if it wasnt for changes in the law

Rate Reasons


Changing attitudes

Search for confluent love

Demographic changes

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Legal Changes

The Matrimonial Causes Act 1857 (Matrimonial offences)

Matrimonial Causes Act 1937 (Added more matrimonial offeces e.g. Insanity)

The legal aid and advice act 1949( made it easier for lower classes to obtain divorce)

Divorce Reform act 1969 ( change matrimonial offences to show irretrivable breakdown and divorce can be obtained a year of marriage

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