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Artisans' Dwelling Act (1875)

  • Power to the local authority to purchase, clear and then redevelop slums
  • Scheme financed with low-interst government loans
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Public Health

Public Health Act

  • Minimum standards of draining, sewage and refuse
  • Compulsory of a medical officer of health who was charged with reporting all infectious disease
  • Public works established in most districts to replace private water companies and water sellers

Sale of Food and Drugs Act

  • Stamp out the adulteration of food
  • Attempt to regulate the industry

Rivers Pollution Act (1885)

  • Control of 'noxious fluids' into rivers
  • Harsh measures were opposed and few carried out
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Labour Relations and Trade Union Legislation

Conspiracy and Protection of Property Act (1875)

  • Replaced unpopular Criminal Law Amendment Act from 1871
  • Altered the conspiracy laws
  • Unions could no longer be prosecuted for doing anything collectively that would be legal if done by an individual
  • Legalised peaceful picketing
  • Gave unions the right to strike

The Employers and Workmen Act (1875)

  • Contract of service which gave employees terms that were on a par with those of employers
  • Both sides were liable under civil law and this removed the unfair system of employees being liable for breach of contract under criminal law
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Factory Legislation

  • Consolidation of previous Factory Acts
  • Set the code of regulations for conditions in factories
  • Five day working week for women and young pople up to five with a half day on a Saturday
  • 56 hours = maximum a week
  • Reduced men's working hours
  • Brought other industires in line with the textile industry and all factories came under the umbrella of a State inspectorate
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The Merchant Shipping Act, 1876

  • Regular inspection of ships by the Board of Trade Officials
  • Better accommodation for sailors
  • Introduction of the 'Plimsoll Line'
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Other Measures

  • Lord Sandon's Education Act (1876)
  • Attempted to improve school attendance by setting up school attendanc committees
  • Stopped short of compulsory attendance
  • Children couldn't get a job unless they produced an attendance or attainment certificate
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