Life style and health notes

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life style and health notes

Life style can affect your risk of developing some diseases

  1. Coronary Heart Disease
  • Poor diet - high in saturated fat or salt can increase risk
  • Smoking, lack of exercise and excessive alchohol intake - these lead to high blood pressure which can damage the heart and blood vessels.
  1.  Cancer: the result of uncontrolled cell devision.
  • Smoking - main cause of mouth, throat and lung cancer
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight- skin cancer 
  • Excessive alchohol intake - liver cancer
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What we can control

Factors we can control

  •  smoking
  • high blood pressure ( stress and diet)
  • blood cholesterol levels ( less saturated fatty acids)
  • obesity ( bmi)
  • diet ( salt saturated fatty acids ect)
  • physical exercise ( areobic exercise can lower blood pressure, obesity and blood cholsterol
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Risk Reducing

Reducing the risk of cancer and CHD

  • giving up and not smoking
  • avoid being over weight
  • reducing salt intake in the diet
  • reducing intake of cholesterol and saturated fats in the diet
  • regular aeriobic exercise
  • keeping alchohol consumption with in safe limits
  • increasing intake of dietry fibres and anti oxidants in the diet.
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