Disaster Hotspots

Disaster hotspot areas in MEDC and LEDC countries

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California (MEDC)

Located on the West coast of America, California is;

  • MEDC
  • Prone to geophysical hazards
  • On San Andreas fault line between Pacific and North Americrfan plates

Hazards are;

  • Earthquakes (due to S.A. fault line)
  • Landslides (properties built on hillsides)
  • Forest fires (dry summers)
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Ecuador (LEDC)

Located on the North West coast of South America, Ecuador is;

  • LEDC
  • 96% of the population live in mountainous or costal regions (at risk of flooding, landslides or volcanic activity)
  • Earthquakes are the biggest threat to people (53% at risk)
  • On the Nazca and South American plate border

Hazards are;

  • Earthquakes (Nazca plate)
  • Landslides (heavy rainfall and frequent plate movement)
  • Volcanic activity
  • Floods (heavy rainfall or el Niño)
  • Droughts (dry summers or el Niño)
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