Direct Selling

Higher Business Management - Direct Selling

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Many organisations now sell their products and services via the internet, taking payment by credit or debit card card. 

  • Allows for a global market to be reached
  • Customer information is also easily collected to target offers and promotions.
  • it is attractive to customers as they can order from home, saving time and hassle in shopping.
  • However, many customers fear using the internet to purchase their products as some sites are insecure regarding credit card details.
  • Some products are also often more expensive to purchase over the internet than in the high street due to the extra cost of postage and packaging.
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This involves a company posting promotional letters, brochures, leaflets about its products or services to homes and workplaces. These can then be ordered by post or over the telephone. 

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  • Customers within certain market segments can be targeted
  • Can reach customers in a wide geographical area
  • However, some customers do not like the vast amount of mail they receive 'junk mail'
  • Mailing lists of potential customers can become out of date quickly so mail goes to the wrong people - costing the company extra money and possibly upsetting these people.
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