types of excavation

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Advantages of excavation

context of a site maybe better preserved

provides good stratagraphic information

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Disadvantages of excavation

excavation destorys all archaeological record

the process is labour intensive, expensive and time consuming

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Rescue Excavation


Used when there is a limited amount of time.

least common

have to be finished as quickly as possible, so the topsoil and overburden is generally stripped using a mechanical excavator. .

archaeological features usually show up very clearly as lighter/darker patches.

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Research Excavation

Occurs when time and resources are availible to excavate the site fully.

techniques would invlove

aerial photography

desktop survey- known sites in the area are checked on sites and monuments record (SMR)

ground penetrating radar, resistivity and magnetometer surveys #

contour survey- to discover and plan earthworks (anything in the survey)

physical survey- to record standing buildings and earthworks

field walking- to collect and plot artifacts and study the distribution patterns

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