digestive system

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Digestive system


  • teeth and tongue use mechanical digestion.
  • create bolus.

small intestine

  • secreates pancreatic juice and bile.
  • bile doesnt contain enzymes.
  • most digestion happens in the doudenum.
  • ileum is the place of final digestion and absorption.
  • ileum has large sa, villi and micro villi, sort diffusion distance and a high conc gradient.

salivary amylase starts digestion of starch.
pancreatic amylase digests remaining starch in the duodenum.
disaccharides in e.c complete digestion from disaccharides to monosaccharides.

  • maltose (maltase) -> glucose.
  • sucrose (sucrase) -> glucose & fructose
  • lactose (lactase)  -> glucose & galactose
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