Digestive System

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Digestive System Diagram

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Important Digestive System Labellings(In descendin

Salivary Glands: Produces amylase enzyme(remember what amylase is, if can't go revise that!) in the saliva.
Gullet/Oesophagus: Where the food gets pushed down through the throat.
Liver:Where bile is made which neutralises stomach acid and emulsifies fats.
Stomach:Pummels the food with muscular walls, then produces the protease enzyme pepsin and then makes hydrochloric acid for two reasons 1. to kill bacteria and 2. to give the right pH for the protease enzyme to work(once again revise enzymes if you don't understand)
Gall Bladder: Where bile is stored, before it's released into the small intestine.
Pancreas: Makes protease,amylase and liase enzymes which are released into the small intestine.
Large Intestine(The big one):Where the excess water is absorbed from the food.
Small intestine(The one that's surrounded by the large): Produces protease,amylase and lipase enzymes to finish off digestion. And also where the digested food is absorbed out of the digestive system into the blod.
Rectum:Where the faeces(made up of indigestible food) are stoerd before they leave through the anus.

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Small Intestine Adaptation

The inside of the small intestine is covered in millions of these tiny projections called villi.They are there to increase the surface area of the inside of the small intestine so that digested food can enter the bloodstream faster. Also they have a very good blood supply to assist quick absorption.(Think about diffusion and active transport for that)

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