differnt poetry - literature explaining it into dif. groups

the same thing as before but other titles to be explained

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characters who are openly evil

the labatory

  • The women in this poem suspects her husband or lover has been unfaithful to her
  • determined ot get revenge by poisoning the other women
  • very nasty - prepared to murder the other women just to get her own back, she sounds pleased when she says "he is sure to remember her dying face"


  • he plans a murder in advance - aranges a hire car for it
  • attitude to the killing is shocking - sounds calm when he describes it, rather than angry or worked up. suggests not the first tome he has done it
  • nature of the violence is barbaric - he headbutts him and then "six times with the krooklok in the face". he seems to enjoy watching the hitcher "boucing off the kurb
  • he callously mocks the hitchers attitude after attacking him "hed said hed liked the breeze.." hitchers lifestyle is reason to attack him
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yet some characters gradually reveal evil side

my last duchess

  • the duke is showing the guest a portrait of his dead wife, seems pleasant and polite 
  • but we gradually realise that there's something fishy about him, he starts to criticize the duchess for the way shes acted, "her looks went everywhere"
  • duke says that the duchess treated him no better than anyone else - seems jealous
  • sounds nether sinister when he tells him/her "i gave commands/ then all smiles stopped altogether", makes him sound like he murdered his wife 


  • the women in this poem has cut off a mans head, she seems regretful at first
  • when it turns out shes beheaded him we see it in a different context, shes said shes "done it before" and she'll "do it again" - shes a serial murderer
  • she cant remeber who the man is "a head on the pillow beside me whode... / what did it matter?" this suggests that she kills randomly
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growing up can be a difficult time

Mother any distance greater

  • because he is determines to do it alone but also finds it very difficult to move on without his mum permanently there all the time - misses her


  • character in the poem feels that he has been let down by the person who is meant to be taking care of him when he was young
  • he says that he was given "the order/to grow up" expected to be independant before he was ready
  • character now says hes now grown up and made a success of himself "now im taller, hearder, stronger, older" but hes still bitter about his experiecne of adolesnce 
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poems which include mixed emotions


  • havisham has very strong mixed emotions about the man who jiltered her, calling him "beloeved sweet heart basterd"
  • shes extremely angry and bitter and wants to "stangle him"
  • its years since he rejected her but she cant let it go - "i stink and remember". shes obsessed, but behind all the violence shes very unhappy wondering "who did thsi to me?"
  • desparately wants him to be there, sexual fantasies about the laost body


  • he feels depressed and frightened about old age and he can imaginge grwoing old himself.
  • but then he also empathises with the old people he realises that it is only time before he becomes old himself and then he will be in the same situation
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