different types of rocks

to give more infomation on the three main types of rock, igneous rocks, sedimentary rock and metamorphic rocks.

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different types of rocks.

 types of rocks!

There are three different types of rocks igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

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igneous rocks

Igneous rocks are formed by fire and magma from the earth.

Igneous rock are formed by volcanic activity from magma that has cooled. some rocks formed like this are:

Basalt that is extrusive with the lava whick cools at the surface.

Granite which is intrusive and to form this the magma cools underground.

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sedimentary rock

sedimentary rock is transported by water, ice, and wind and is compressed over the years.

sedimentary rocks are formed on the sea bed from other rocks and remains of plants and animals. some of these types of rocks are:

Chalk which is tiny sea creatures.

Limestone which is cral shells and skeletons of sea creatures.

Sandstone which is grains of sand all cemented together.

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metamorphic rock

metamorphic rock is igneos rock and sedermentary rock at high pressure and temperature.

metamorphic rock are formed from sedimentary rock and igneous rocks during volcanic activity or earth movement. They are created by extreme heat or pressure. some of these rock are:

marble formed from chalk and limestome when by under heat and pressure.

slate formed from clay and mudstone when under heat and pressure.

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