Different Types of Rock

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The Three Different Types of Rock

Sedimentary Rocks

  • Formed from layers of sediment getting buried under more layers
  • Water gets squeezed out, fluids flowing though the pores deposite natural mineral cement.
  • Limestone and Chalk
  • The rock isn't formed at high temperatures or pressures, so the dead organisms aren't destroyed.
  • They are easily eroded.

Metamorphic Rocks

  • Formed by heat and pressure on rocks over long times.
  • Mineral structure and texture changes, but chemical composition is the same
  • Marble is formed from limestone and chalk, high temperatures break it down and reform it in small crystals, making the texture more even and harder.

Igneous Rocks

  • Formed when molten magma cools and solidifys
  • Contain different minerals in interlocking crystals
  • Extrusive - Cools quickly above ground, forming small crystals e.g. basalt
  • Intrusive - Cools slowly underground, forming big crystals, eg. granite
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