Different religious views on Contraception

These notes are about Christians and Muslims views on contracpetion

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Christian attitudes Contracepetion

  • Roman Catholics and some conservative evangelicals believe that every act of sexual intercourse should be open to the possibility of conception
  • Christians argue that it is wrong because it prevents people fulfilling God's command to 'Be fruitful and multiply'
  • Children are a blessing from God
  • Contraception has allowed promiscuity and Christians belive this is wrong
  • For many Christian the coil and morning after pill are considered to be the equivalent of abortion
  • The Church of England has stated that it does not regard contraception as a sin as it is a responsible way of planning a family
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Muslim attitudes to Contraception

  • Some say it is permissable if the mothers life or health would be in danger if she was to become pregnant
  • Contraception is not considered as serious as abortion and is not open to the same critisism
  • Contraceptive methods that do not prevent conception but cause a very early abortion are not accepted
  • children are seen as a gift from God
  • It is not allowed if it is to ensure that a married couple are never to have children
  • There is no specific reference to contraception in the Qur'an
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