Different family types

differnet terms and sociologists and explanations

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Different family types

Nuclear Family- Two generations, parents and children. Murdock said it was universal. Jordan et al said it was parenthood and partnership

Traditional Nuclear- This is the common type where the male is the breadwinner and the female is the housewife. Leach (1960)  refered to it as the cereal packet becuase he said it was featured in the media

Neo Nucleur- A new family type, a dual working family- symetrical- that both partners work.

Blended Family- This is the reconstituted family that may have formed after breakup of family due to death, desertion and divorce.

Vertically Extended-  Beanpole Family is multigenerational with three generations, i.e. grandparents. Willmott (1988) research in London and found that many had contact with extended family. Brannen (2003) found that grandparents had a great role

Modified Extended- There are aunts and uncles and grandparents with regular contact/ not living together

Single person-  living alone, due to brakdown or death, this made 31% of households in 2006

Co-parenting- caring for kids separatly but equally. Smart said it was positive. The civil partnership act (2004)

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