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This poem is about slavery. the word "limbo" could suggest either the dance or the place beetween heaven and hell.

  • Structure -
  • No Rhyming
  • Strong rhythm to make the poem sound like a song
  • Repetition
  • Italics are used to suggest a chorus in the poem like a song.
  • Language -
  • Symbolism - the limbo stick is a symbol of oppresion. as a result we feel sympathy for the slaves on the boat.
  • Mono-syllables - "stick hit sound and the ship like it ready stick hit sound and the dark still steady" suggests the beating of the stick, also makes us feel sympathy
  • Repetition - "long dark deck and the water surrounding me long dark deck and the silence is over me" the repetition of long dark deck creates imagery of the ship.
  • "stick the the whip and the dark deck is slavery" repeated twice for emphisis , refers to the limbo stick as the whip that is hurting them. the deck is dark which suggests death
  • "down down down" creates an image of being forced down or falling into the ship
  • "up up up" suggests being lifted to heaven aswell as "the dumb gods are raising me"
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this is great but i was just wondering if youve done this for any other poems because its really useful! thanks :)

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