Difference Between Sex and Gender! YES, there is one.

people who say there isnt.... argh :S

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Sex Identity

Sex identity is the term used for a persons biological sex - male or female.

This is dependent on the chromosomes that the person is born with, this is dependent on the father as he is the only parent with the Y chromosome.

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Gender Identity

Gender identity is the term used for how a person sees themselves.

For example, a person could be male, yet female, such as David Bowie’s character - Ziggy Stardust (gender is a psychological concept).

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Gender Schema

The term gender schema refers to the mental representations of the knowledge we have about either gender.

Gender schemas contain information about behaviour, activities and the roles played by each gender.

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Bradbard and Colleagues

One study of gender schemas include the study conducted by Bradbard and colleagues.

They selected objects that had neither masculine nor feminine associations. They then showed these objects to children, but said that some were ‘boy objects’ and some were ‘girl objects’.

They then observed which objects the children played with. The results showed that the boys tended to play with the ‘boy objects’ and the girls tended to play with the ‘girl objects’. This happened again when the children were retested a week later.

They concluded that children's toy choices can be influenced by gender.

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