Diet and Excercise



Diet- For a healthy diet you need to privide energy, just as long as it isn't too much.

You need a balance of different foods which provide different uses in the body

  • Carbohydrates release energy
  • Fats keep you warm and release energy
  • Protein for growth, cell repair and replacment
  • Fibre ti keep your digestive system running smoothly
  • You also need vitamins and mineral ions to keep skin bones and everything else generally healthy.

You need energy to fuel chemical reactions in your body called your metabolism, they go at the speed of your metabolic rate.

people with larger muscle in their body will have a higher metabolic rate than those that contain more fatty tissue

The bigger you are, the higher your metabolic rate because your body needs more energy due to having more cells

Men have higher metabolic rate becasue they are bigger than woman and tend to have more muscles.

Exercise boots your resting metabolic rate becasue it builds muscle.

Your metabolic rate goes up during excercise becasue you need more energy, for example, people who have active jobs need more energy.

Your active level affects the amount of energy your diet should contain, so if you do little excercise you need to eat less fat and carbohydrate.

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Health - weight

malnourished means people whose diet is badly out of balance, you can be fat or thin.

If you eat too much fat or carbohydrates it may lead to obesity which is very common in developed countries

Obsiety can be casued by bad diet, overeating and lack of exercise but it may also be caused by hormonal problems.

Obeisty problems can cause arthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and some forms of cancer.

other health problems... Too mcu hsaturated fat increases your blood cholestoerol level and eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure and heart problems

Eating too little can also cause problems, it can casuse fatigue, resistance to infection, irregular periods and slow growth (in children), also lack of vitamins can cause things like scurvy

Excercise is important as well as diet, more you excersise, the healthier, excercising builds muscle, reduces rat, boots your metabolic rate and increases your energy. You also need to make sure you eat healthily aswell.

Inheried factors can also affect metabolic rate, underactive thyroid gland, this can lower metabolic rate and increase obesity. you could inherit factros that affect their blood cholesterol level, this can cause heart disease

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Evaluating Food lifestyle and health

watch out for slimming programs that arn't scientifically proven, they may be true but can be misleading, just keep a healthy diet and exercise

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