Did the New Deal reforms make life better for all Americans?

How the New Deal affected black Americans, native Americans, women and labour unions.

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Black Americans

Positives 200,000 blacks benefited from the CCC, and got large shares of housing in slum clearances, where slums were disbanded.

Negatives Blacks remained 2nd class, and there was widespread racism. Segregation continued. Blacks were excluded from Norris town and they had very little work.

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Native Americans

Positives Re-organisation Act of 1934 provided money to buy reservation land to be owned by tribes instead of individuals. Government loans helped Indians set up businesses and buy farm equipment. The amount of land they owned went up from 47 million acres to 50 million acres. Indian reservation Act of 1934 gave Native Americans the right to manage their own affairs like courts of law. They were encouraged to follow their own culture and religion.

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Positives The number of women employed went up in the 1930s. The Social Security Act required state governments to give money to women. They were given positions of responsibility running the agencies, like Francis Perkins who became secretary of labour, the first time a woman had reached such a high level.

Negatives Few New Deal measures were aimed at women. Only 8000 women were included in the CCC programme. Their wages were low. Some states avoided paying Social Security act money to women by making other conditions like no payments for women with illegitimate children.

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Labour Unions

Positives In 1935 they formed groups like the C10, made to make arrangements with companies so employees got higher wages and shorter hours.

Negatives They couldn't achieve as much as they could without getting government support. Some strikes ended by companies bringing in strike-breaking armies. One of the worst was in 1937, when after bringing in strike-breaking armies, 10 died and 90 were wounded.

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