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This is a condition caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin

Diabetics may have too much sugar in their blood after a meal- this makes them thirsty, tired, high blood, glucose levels and prescence of glucose in urine.

Long temr effect of diabetetes inlcludes eye damage kidney failure heart disease and strokes. 

Blood glucose levles must be kept within narrow limits to prevent damage to our body.

Insuling is released when the body detects high glucose levels, the glucose is cpnverted to glycogen

increase in respiration can occur to lower glucose levles 

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Treatment of diabetes

- High starch/low sugar diet

-Tablets to lower sugar level

-Injetcing insulin every day

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Plant Hrmones

  • Plant produce chemicals in very small qauntitiesthat control their growth, these are called growth substances or plant hormoes
  • Auxin is a growth substance which influences grwoth of a stem in plants
  • The growth responce to light is known as phototropism.
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  • Auxins are produced by the tip of the stem
  • If the plant is receiving light form one side (Unilateral) the auxin will be produced and sent to the side which is not receiving any light (not illuminated)
  • as a result the side which has no light will grow more and the stem will begin to bend towards the light.
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