Buddha and Bodhisattva Statues in Temples

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Images of the Buddha

  • Depict scenes from Buddha's life (e.g. defeating Mara)
  • Remind Buddhists that his wisdom was gained through early life experiences
  • Used as a source of spiritual inspiration
  • Looks peaceful- usally meditating
  • Important- Buddha is one of the 3 Jewels
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Images of Bodhisattvas

  • Mahayana Temples- Bodhisattvas seen along Buddha
  • They are compassionate beings that delay their own enlightenment for the sake of the rest of humanity
  • Examples of Bodhisattvas are Tara, Manjushri or Avolokiteshvara (as seen in image)
  • Rich symbolism- example is sat upon a lotus flower (shows the need to seek wisdom) or sat upon a tiger (represents to defeat anger [one of the poisons] and to overcome suffering [dukkha])
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