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Assumption 1

Concerned with how behaviour changes from conception through to death. 

Bandura- cildren can develop aggressive behaviour by observing an aggressive role models in their environment during childhood. Found that children who had observed the aggressive role model showed significantly more imitative aggression than children who observed non-aggressive model.

Chaney- children can change an develop compliance to takin their asthma medication. When parents medicated their child usin the funhaler, which positively reinforces the childs compliance, significantly more (22/30) reported they were 'always' successful in medicating their chidlren compared to when they used the standard device (3/30).

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Assumption 2

These changes may be influened by biological stages in development and or by external factors ie. our experiences.

Bandura- the external influence/experience of seeing an adult model behave aggressively can result in a child showing aggressive behaviour. Children who had observed the aggressive model showed more partial imitation of aggression than children who observed the non aggressive model.

Chaney- the external influence/experience of recieving positive reinforcement when they did take medication cause dchildren to be more compliant . The funhaler provided positive reinforcement and children where more likely to take medication. Witht the standard device 59% of children were found to be medicated on the previous day on random questioning of parents, compared to 81% with funhaler

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