• Types of Attachment
  • Learning Theories
  • Institutionalisation
  • Day Care
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Explanation of Attachment - Learning Theory

1) Learning Theory

...all behaviour is learnt through either classical or operant conditionin

Classical Conditioning

...learning through assiciation.

eg. Pavlov's dog

Operant Conditioning

 ...being rewarded for doing something.

These are called reinforcement and punishment.

eg. the person who is supplying the food is associated with avoiding discomfort and becomes a secondary reinforcer, where as food is primary reinforcer.

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Evaluation of Operant Conditioning


  • provides a good explanation of how attachments form


  • evidence has suggested that food is not primary reinforcer

eg. Harlows monkeyexperiment - found instead of spending most time on the wire mess monkey which has food, the monkeys spent most time with the clothcovered monkey for protection, when they  were frightened.STRENGTH

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