Development and Life Stages

A set of revision cards that cover all the developmental areas (PIES) across all five life stages: Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood and Late adulthood.

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Physical Development in Infancy

3 months - Can sit if supported

6 months - Can sit unsupported briefly.  Can pull sleeves up.  Can turn head.

12 months - Can get into sitting position without help. Crawl rapidly.  Walk holding onto furniture

2 years - Can walk downstairs.

3 years - Climb on play equipment.  Ride tricycle.  Throw and catch

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Intellectual Development in Infancy

3 months - Makes noises when spoken to.

9 months - Practice making sounds and repeating syllables.  Understand simple words like “no” and “bye bye”

12 months - Know own name and several words.  Understand simple commands “come to mummy”

2 and a half years - Can use 200 words.

3 years - Can carry on simple conversations.

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