Development of Ovarian Follicle


Development of Ovarian Follicle

-Ovarian follicle is a fluid filled structure that consists of the developing oocyte as well as other cells involved in the menstuation process 

-Every month one of these primary follices containing a primary oocyte will devleop into a secondary follicle that contains a secondary oocyte

-During stimulation, secondary oocyte is released into the fallopian tubes while the remainder of cells develop into the corpus luteum.

-Other than the oocyte itself, there are two types of cells in the ovarian follicle:

(1) Theca Cell: Regulates Oogenesis and produces sex steroid hormones

(2) Granulosa Cell: FSH stimulates granulosa cells to convert androgens (coming from the thecal cells) to estradiol by aromatase during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle.

General Process: LH acts on -> Theca cell = Cholesterol -> Androgen -> Travels to Granulosa cell; which with the aid of FSH; Androgen -> Oestrogen.

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