Development in Infancy

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Physical Development in Infancy

0-18 months - an infant will treble their body weight
Bones harden
2 months - hold head up
3 months - turn head to adult and reach for things
4-5 months - supported sitting
6-7  months - sit without support
9-10 months - crawling
10 months - stand without support
9-12 months - pincer movevent develops (fine motor skill)
Brain develops significantly
12-15 months - walking

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Intellectual Development in Infancy

Between the ages of 6-9 months, infants ahould be able to respond to certain vocal instructions, such as "wave bye-bye" and "clap hands"

Towards the end of this life stage (2 years) most infants should be able to put 2 words together. e.g. "Jane garden" and "Sam milk"

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Emotional Development in Infancy

An infant will rely on simple emotions, such as crying, to show when they are upset or uncomfortable.

This should take place in the first 18 months of the infant's life

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Social Development in Infancy

6-8 weeks - smile at primary care giver

12 weeks - smile and make noises when adults/children go by

20 weeks/5 months - know familiar people from strangers

24 weeks/ 6 months - smile at mirror image

Up to 2 years - solitary play

Up to 2 years - parallel play

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