Development in Adolescence

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Physical Development in Adolescence

Female - Major changes for puberty in girls is 10/13 years / girls develop breasts, hair grows in pubic region and under the arms / ovaries enlarge and ovulation begins / uterus, vagins and associated glands enlarge and menstruation begins / hips widen and there are height and weight growth spurts.

Males - Major changes for puberty in boys is 12/14 years  / rapid growth of the voice box causes the voice to deepen / boys grow facial hair, hair in their pubic region, under their arms and on their chest / testes and scrotum enlarge and begin to produce sperm / penis and accesory glands grow and start to secrete / height and weight growth spurt, shoulders widen but hips remain slim. Significant muscle development.

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Intellectual Development in Adolescence

Abstract thinking improves an adolescent's ability to: plan their future / understand the nature of relationships between people / they predict consequences / they empathise (understand) 

Their thinking, use of language and their memory is greater than what it was in their childhood years

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Emotional Development in Adolescence

Hormones may be out of balance and in some cases this can lead to mood swings or aggresive behaviour

Lack of confidence and low self-esteem are problems faced by many teenagers. This can sometimes leave the teenager feeling depressed and low all the time.

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Social Development in Adolescence

Adolescents become increasingly independant of their families instead they become much more dependant on their friends to provide them with advice and support.  This phase of development is called Secondary Socialisation. 

Adolescents want to become a part of a group and this is shown through their clothing and interests

Between the ages of 12 and 18 years most adolescents begin to explore their sexualtiy which includes testing out relationships and sexual behaviour with others. 

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