Resistant Materials: MP3 Docking Station

Product Analysis

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Materials & Stability

The materials an MP3 Docking Station is regularly made using:

High Density Polystyrene:

  • It can be made in a range of colours 
  • Light weight


The stability of an MP3 Docking Station can depend on:

  • The width of its base
  • Possible 'rubber stoppers' (To stop the speakers from rattling)
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Function & Cost

The function of the stations are:

  • To dock with the most popular MP3 Player
  • Supplied with a remote control
  • Powerful speakers
  • Can connect to USB/Computer
  • Can be powered by batteries, USB or mains


The possible cost of an MP3 Docking Station is:

  • £50 - Affordable price for teenagers
  • Possible present
  • Similar to any other MP3 Docking Stations
  • Good value for money
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Age Group & Places To Use

The age group that would buy the MP3 Docking Station:

  • Teenager - It is modern and similar in style to others. The price is within range.
  • A young person - more likely to use this device as a mobile speaker system

The places to use the Docking Station can be:

  • Teenagers Bedroom 
  • Living Room
  • As a portable device - light weight, it can be transported easily
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How Can It Be Improved?

How could this product (Docking Station) be improved?

  • Multicoloured? - Using one colour makes the product look plain.
  • More exciting?
  • Different versions? - More expensive versions = better speakers

I would make it multicoloured. Just using one colour makes the docking station seem a little ‘bland’ or plain. It needs to look a little more exciting. I would also supply it in different versions. The more expensive versions would have quality speakers, whilst the cheaper version would have basic speakers, providing adequate sound.

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