Design Argument

Concept of the existence of a designer of the universe e.g God or a higher being ???

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For the arguement (believers)

Thomas Aquinas:  * Summa Theologica * Five ways * The Archer analogy (guiding hand) *Beneficial regularity

William Paley:   * Natural Theology * The watch analogy * Functional complexity

John Polkinghorne:  * Fine tuning argument * universe couldn't have happened by chance *Things are 'just' perfect (balance)

F.R.Tennant: * Philosophical Theory * accepted evolution * Aesthetic argument  *  Designed beauty 

Richard Swinburne: * Is there a God? * Laws of nature * Regularity of succesion *Planets & seasons


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Against the argument (non believers)

David Hume:  * Dialogues concerning natural religion * X Paley, more than 1 God ?, Weak analogy, Imperfect world, knowing the effect doesnt mean you know the cause ???

Richard Dawkins:  *The God delusion * People belive in God beause it's the easy option * Evolution is key everything

Charles Darwin: * Origins of species  * Natural selection, survival of the fittest       *Real proof>>>Fossils not just faith!

Responce to HUME from OCKHAM (Razor) simplist explanation is best.

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