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design movements

a design mvoement is a new, distinct style that was popular at certain times of history

these include:

  • art noveau
  • arts and crafts movememt
  • modernism
  • bauhaus
  • art deco
  • de Stijl
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why do products change over time?

New materials and manucfacturing for example CAD and CAM

Fashion trends and people's opinons (social factors)

The environment - people are concerned about the environment and our carbon footprint

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  • This is when designers give human characteristics to ininimate objects to make it look more aesthically pleasing for humans. 
  • e.g. a remote control has buttons that resemble a face
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technology push?

this is when there are advancemtns in technology so new products can be made as a result

for example, car speaker phones

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market pull?

Consumer demand leads to product development e.g. more environmentally friendly cars

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planned obselence

A product has a planned obselence which is when is has a planned lifetime so you will go back and buy another of the same prioduct. e.g. iPads or iPhone buttons.

When the product is broken or has no lifetime left it is OBSELETE.

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the study of size, safety and comfort in relation to the human and the product

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Protection - packaging needs to keep everything inside it safe during transportation

nforming - infomation from products and buyers about the product including an image 

Containing - the pacakging needs to keep everything in its box

Transport - the packaging needs to be a shape where they fit together well to maximise products

Display - the product should be attractive and eye catching

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