Desert Landforms

Extreme environments - Desart Landforms OCR GCSE Sylabous

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What is a Desert Landform?

A desert land form can be created both both naturally and by human influence.

Physical Aspects - Something that is created naturally

Human Aspects - Something that is put there or altered by humans.

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Alluvian Fan

An Alluvian fan is a fan-shaped river deposit at the foot of a steep mountain.

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A smal, isolated flat - topped mountain.

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Flat - topped mountain with steep sides.

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Deep, sidded valley.

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High, flat area of land.

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Fertile area of land where a hollow reaches an underlting water table.

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Desert Pavement

Flat, rocky area with a smooth polished surface.

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Sand Dune

Ridge or mountain of sand

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Large hollows, scooped from the surface by the wind.

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Salt Pan

Dried out lake with a crushy slat surface

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Large, isolated outcrop of hard rock.

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Gully formed by flash floods.

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Narrow, steep-sided ridge.

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Rock Pedestal / Mushroom rock

A rock which has been errode toresemble the shape of a Musroom.

Narrow at the bottom, and larger at the top.

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