Description of drug treatment


Description of Drug Treatment

  • Drug treatment involves prescribing a drug or biological substitute for a drug that works in the same way that allows the addict to function normally.
  • e.g. Methadone is an artifically crated opiate to replace heroin.
  • It works to block the effects of heroin at the synapse and reduce withrawal symptoms for 24 hours to avoid people being negitivly reinforced to continue using heroin. It also reduces heroin cravings.
  • If it is taken with heroin it will nor produce the euphoria so the indevidual is not positivly reinforced to continue using heroin.
  • The drug is taken orally as part of a daily programme. The dose is systematically lowered to wean the indevidual off.
  • Urine tests are done to check co-drug use and when the indevidual is deamed trustworthy they are able to take it away from the pharmacy.
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