Derby Administration 1852

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Derby Administration 1852

  • protectionist Tory becoming more progressive
  • lacking in talented MPs (all Peelites) so tries to unite in his cabinet
  • places Disraeli as Chancellor of Exchequer as he is the hope of the Tories
  • named "Who - Who" ministry as Duke of Wellington kept questioning unfamous MPs
  • taken down by 1852 budget as Disraeli presented with view that it wasn't great but there wasn't much other option "England does not love coalitions", and Gladstone rebutts this and presents a more successful solution, so everyone votes against Disraeli and the administration falls


  • 48 
  • in debt
  • unpopular
  • not know about finance
  • only agrees as gets to wear Canning's robes
  • told "they give you the numbers"
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Aberdeen Coalition 1852-55

Whig-Peelite Coalition

  • split important posts equally among Peelites and Whigs
  • shared dislike for Tories
  • largest party
  • powerful figures (19/22 years held office)


  • foreign sec = Russell (prevent radical voting reform) | resigned 1854 but remained as minister without portfolio 
  • home sec = Palmerston (prevent radical foreign policy) | (1853) Factory Act, Smoke Abatement Act | Burials in churches prevented | smallpox vaccine made compulsory | (1854) proposed Reformatory Schools Bill to prevent u16s being heard in adult courts but rejected
  • chancellor of the exchequer = Gladstone | (1853) budget reduced income tax with aim of removing it by 1860, removed 123 tariffs and lowered 133 | "finance is, as it were, the stomach of the country, from which all other organs take their tone"
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