Dental Caries and Diet

How to prevent oral disease

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Diet and Sugar

> A poor diet high in sugars results in dental caries

> Dental caries can result in tooth loss

> Tooth loss reduces the ability to eat a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables and f

Fibre in rich foods

> In many low income countries, malnutrition coexists with a high sugar intake, such countries are at higher risk of dental caries.

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Systemic Nutritional influences on enamel defects

>Poor nutrition is only one of many causes of enamel development defects
> An enamel defect that is common in undernourished communities is LINEAR ENAMEL HYPOPLASIA (LEH) - occurs usually in primary incisors and is characterised by a horizontal groove, (usually found on the labial surface that becomes stained)- post eruptively.

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