Dement and Kleitman

AIM- Trying to find a link between eye movement and dreaming.

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Psychology- Dement and Klietman


7 male adults - 2 female adults (Only 5 studied intensively)


Lab experiment (Sleep in a lab just before their normal bedtime)

- Asked to avoid caffine and alcohol but otherwise to eat and drink normally

-Electrode were attached near the eyes to measure eye movement and to the head to measure brains activity (depth of sleep) the electrodes are attached to the EEG machine all through the night.

At different times during the night p's are woken up by a doorbell and spoke into a recorder near the bed. ( state whether they had a dream and what it was)

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Psychology- Dement and Klietman


1. Will people be more likely to report dreams if they are woken during periods of REM sleep rather than periods of NREM (NON-REM)

2. Can people accurately estimate the duration of their dreaming?

3. Is the direction of eye movement during REM related to dream content?

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