Delegated Legislation

Revision cards explaining each of the Types of Delegated Legislation, who creates them, extra information, and an example of an Enabling Act.

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Orders in Council

Who makes it?

  • The Privy Council - Leading Politicians.
  • Must be approved by the Monarch


  • In Emergency Situations
  • During the Summer Recess
  • To make EU law into UK law

Enabling Act

  • Emergency Powers Act 1920
  • Enabled the Privy Council to make The Al - Quaeda and Taliban (United Measures) Order 2002, which banned contact with the Taliban.
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Statutory Instruments

Who makes it?

  • Government Departments or Ministers


  • Affirmative Resolutions - The SI will not become law unless specifically approved by Parliament.
  • Negative Resolutions - SI will become law if Parliament hasn't objected in 40 days.

Enabling Act

  • Road Traffic Act 1988
  • Enabled the Minister for Transport to amend the seatbelt laws.
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Bye-laws 1

Who makes it?

  • Local Councils


  • Can make law pertaining to their local area on issues the Enabling Act specifies.

Enabling Act

  • Public Health Act 1875
  • Enabled Leeds City Council to make delegated legislation about parks in Leeds.
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Bye-laws 2

Who makes it?

  • Public Corporations


  • Can make law for things relating to their company, or for things specified in the Enabling Act.

Enabling Act

  • Transport Act 1962
  • Enabled the director of the London Underground to ban singing on their trains.
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Natalie Beard

I thought bye-law was wrong, i assumed it was by-law, but i googled it and you're quite right :) 5/5

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My teacher told me it could be either bye-law or by-law, the examiners will accept either :) Thank you xo

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