Delegated Legislation

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Orders in Council

They are made by government ministers and are approved by the Queen and Privy council. They are used to transfer responsability, foreign affairs and emergencies

The Scotland Act 1998 (modification of schedule 5) Order 5 made under The Scotland Act: Allowed Scotland to vote in a referendum for independance.

The Sudan (sanctions)(oversees territories) order 2014 under the United Nations Act: Asset freeze on those who threaten peace

Foot and Mouth Crisis made under the Emergency Powers Act

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Statutory Instruments

They are made by specific gov ministers and their department within their area of expertise

Health and Safety at Work Act: Health and Safety at Work Act (general duties of self employed persons) (prescribed undertakings) Protect staff while working EG- Asbestos

National Minimum Wage Act: The National Minimum Wage Act (regulations) Under 18: £3.79-£3.87

Road Traffic Act (prescribed limit) (scotland) Regulations

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Made by local authorities, public bodies or private companies

They are used by Arriva eg- dont talk to the driver

Local Government Act: Allow leeds city council to ban busking without a licence

National Trust Act: Creates a right over way on land

Clean neighbourhoods and environment Act Force dogs to be kept on leads in specific areas

Boddington v british transport police: Contreviened by law 20 British railways board made under the authority of the Transport Act which prohibited smoking on a train

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