Definitions Of The Family

WJEC Sociology AS Level- SY1 FAMILY 

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Definitions Of The Family:

Family: Is a couple and their never-married children, also include couples with no children or a lone parent and their never married children. (National Statistics)

Households: A person living alone, or two or more people who share the same residence and share housekeeping. They live in same dwelling and share domestic activities. 

Kinship: Relationships based on biological or marital ties. 

Beanpole: Multi-Generational Family with fewer members in each generation. 

Reconstituted: Step Family

Nuclear Family: Consists of mother, father and 1 or more children, all in one house.

Extended Family: Family extended beyond nuclear family, includes grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members who usually live near by or in one household. 

Gay Families: Same sex parents either gay or lesbian will adopt, foster or care for children and bring them up.

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Nayar Tribe: Brothers, sisters, women and children live together in their mothers group not their fathers.Girls marry men before puberty and later take life as many lovers as they live. The father has no responsibility in upbringing and the mother's brothers are economically responsible for her children. 

Matrifocal (single parent): A family unit composed of a mother and child. The biological father may have a temporary home in the family during the first years of a child's life by they maintain a more permanent place in their own family. 

Kibbutz: Live in community with own rules, parents raise children in Jewish community. Small society of people who live together according o socialists principal each member is treated as an equal. The work load is shared between everyone. They are collectively self sufficient. Children raised apart from parents and with their age groups. 4-5% Israel live in kibbutz. Children spent ‘family time’ each evening and weekend with their biological parents. Today most kibbutz children eat and sleep with their parents

Oneida Community: Community believed Jesus has already returned in the year 70. sexual activity was allowed among any agreeable members , there was group marriage between children in community. only those considered suitable were allowed to reproduce. 

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