Defining and Measuring Social Class; Ethnography

Defining and Measuring Social Class; Ethnography

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Outline of Research or measurement

Qualative Research Method.

Ethnographic research focuses on the everyday life of the group being studied.

It is an indepth study into the history, practices, values, traditions and circumstances of that individual or group, including the natural and cultural surrondings.

Usually uses methods of observation and unstructured interviews.

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+ May reveal certain characteristics that would have previously been hidden when resaerching using other methods.

+ Able to record complexities of individuals and social groups behaviour when interacting.

+ Provides a context for the behaviour of the individual or group.

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- The researcher can affect the research due to their own opinions and feelings.

- The dependibility of the research relies on the dependibility and credibility of the individual or group.

- Qualative data can be difficult to cross-reference.

- Time consuming as a certain level of trust may need to be built, often making them into a long term study.

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