Decision Making Task 2012

revision notes for the June 2012 Decision Making Task

Resource 1- contrasting City Images

the top picture has:

lots of pollution

lots of fog/smog

lots of haze

small green area

The bottom picture has:

green area


fresh look

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Resource 2- London 2012 Olympic Games

Resource 2 shows:

spectators will be provided with a individual travel plan, this means less people will use cars and more people will either walk or use public transport.

cheap fairs on public tansport, this means more likely to use the public tansport as it is cheaper than hirering a car and paying for petrol or paying for a taxi.

local renewable energy sources used, this means that their will be lower CO2 emissions.

athlete's village will be energy efficient, this means that it will creat as much energy as it uses.

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Resource 2- London 2012 Olympic Games Continued

Resource 2 also shows:

Building materials made from recycled an reclaimed products, this means that no polution for making produce from scratch.

recycled water will be used for watering grounds, this means that less water is wasted.

waste food will be composted, this means that the compost can be used for the pitches when relaying the pitches.

no waste will be sent to landfill sites, this means that no pollution is made and no waste in land.

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Resource 2- London 2012 Olympic Games Continued

Resource 2 also shows:

affordable ticketing, this shows more people can go to the olympics at affordable prices.

fairtrade produce is used, this means people in LEDC's get more money for the produce they sell.

programme to promote sport and exercise, this means more people will have ago at new sports, this would lead to a healthier, fitter Britain.

facilities provided for local sports after the games, this means that sport will be encouraged more to all ages.

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Resouce 3- Impacts of climate change on cities

Resource 3 shows us some of the impacts of global warming:

On the economy

we could have to pay upto 4% more on tax each year as more floods will occur and somehow, someone has to pay to sort it out so people get charged more in taxes. insurence prices will also rise as more people will be claiming as a result of the flooding.

On the enviroment

extinction, this is due to global warming, if the heat increases too much then the animals may not be able to adapt enough so would become extinct

on our social life

crop yeild decrease, so less food, so prices go up because of the lack of food. diseases will occur more frequently due to heat so better conditions for diseases, mosquitoes will also start coming to our country due to the heat, so higher risk of maleria

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Resource 4- Urban Growth In The UK

Resource 4 shows us that:

between 1800 & 2000 the 2 lines run almost parallel this show that as the population increase, an equal number of them are moving into Urban areas, but between 2000 & 2050 the number of people moving into Urban areas is rising at a lower rate compaired to the total population.

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Resource 5- Newcastle, An Example Of A Sustainable

How is Newcastle becoming more sustainable?



cheaper transport, this means more people will use public transport which means less people will use cars, as cars produce the same amount of pollution as busses, but a bus can hold upto 70 poeple instead of 4/5

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Resource 6- The Sustainability Of The Olympic Game

20,000 new jobs will be created to help maintain the stadiums and hotels.

will create a legacy for sport, the enviroment and the local and global community

will bring more green space to the olympic games

£17 billion will be spent on transport improvements

52 electricity pylons have been removed and replaced by underground cables

produce as little waste as possible and minimise the amount of carbon emmisions and premote enviromental awareness

media center will be used to attract new offices and businesses to hackney

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Resource 7- Different Opinions On The 2012 Olympic

Positive views

hotels will be fully booked

museums will get more visitors during the olympics

ice cream sales man will have increased sales whilst around the olympic stadiums

resident will be able to travel around london faster as more busses and underground at cheaper prices

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Resource 7- Different Opinions On The 2012 Olympic

Negative views

local residence dangerous journeys for children going to school

former local resident was forced to move house due to the olympic games, got abit of compensation but not enough to move location further away from work

too many people, security and congestion

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Resource 8- before and after the olympic games


the windows had graffiti, rubbish on the floor and old factories


more jobs will be availible, green area, get kids interested in sports they may not have tried, more apartments for the public to live in especially those who have been kicked out of there homes to make way for the olympic stadiums

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Resource 9- sustainable development and schools

the pie chart shows that travel is about 40% of the schools carbon emmisions, about 40% is heating of the school, and 20% is other things which release carbon emmisions.

the other section of the pie chart could be the electric, used for computers lighting and aircon.

the reason the travel carbon emmisions is so high is possibley because the school is miles from nowhere.

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Resource 10- school journeys

90% of the staff use cars to travel to and from school compared to students who only have 43% who use cars to get to school.

27% of students use a bus to travel to and from school, compared to staff which only 6% use busses to get to and from school.

24% of students walk to school, compared to 4% of staff who walk to school.

6% of students cycle to school compared to 0% of satff cycling to school.

car is the most popular form of tansport in both staff and students, cycling is the least popular in both staff and students.

the car share lane would be dificult to enforce because there are no cameras and people may see this as the driver and there child instead of someone elses child aswell

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Resource 11- year 9 low carbon day poster

will possibley mean less people will drive their children to school as they will see it is safer and saves them money, use less electricity, recycle more as otherwise it gets sent to landfill sites where plastic and things that could have been recycled are burned when people cant be bothered to recycle.

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