Death Trends

  • Overall trends
  • Reasons for the change
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Overall trends and reasons for this.

In the UK, the overall number of deaths has decreased since 1900. The death rate stood at 19, whereas by 2007 it had almost havled to 10.

Improved Nutrition-Thomas Mckeon, argues that improved nutrition accounted for up to half of the reduction in death rates. Particulary reducing the number of deaths of TB.

Howover, this doesn't explain why females who recieve a smaller share of the family food lived longer by the males.

Medical Improvements- Advances such as the introduction of antibiotics and blood transfusion allow people to be treated and prevents the amount of people dying. By-pass surgery have reduced deaths from heart disease by one-third.

Environment improvements- Improved housing, purer drinking water mean less infection.

Other social changes- Decline in dangerous occupations e.g mining. Also, smaller families reduced the rate of transmission of infection.

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